Atlas Engineering, formerly known as Atlas Researches (Atlas), was founded by Dan Atlas in 1977. It has since become a leader in empowering customers with cutting-edge technology solutions for broad medical and biological electronics applications. Atlas solutions are applied in medical therapeutic and diagnostic devices, telemedicine, emergency medicine, triage, home healthcare, patient monitoring, sleep and vigilance research, rehabilitation, covert polygraphs, perimeter protection, smart beds, smart helmets, interactive feedback systems, presence sensing systems, homeland security, automotive safety, military aviation, military battlefield, fitness and wellness, personal performance and biometrics. Atlas has successfully completed over 230 complex projects.


Fortune 500 OEMs, defense and homeland security agencies, armed forces, entrepreneurs, inventors, startups, strategic and consortium partners, spin-offs, licensees, universities, institutes, hospitals, clinicians and therapists.

Atlas Researches Customers


Our value-driven solutions have been globally recognized for design excellence, innovation and quality. Distinctive Atlas electronics and bioengineering strengths are backed by over 30 years of creative achievements, broad accumulated experience, IP and unique and clandestine expertise. Atlas boasts a proven record of solving tough and extremely challenging bioinstrumentation monitoring problems in harsh operating environments.

Atlas is recognized for expertly developing hardware and software, integrating sensors, microelectronics, analog and mixed-signal processing, USB, Bluetooth and WiFi communications. Atlas specializes and excels in customizable IP building block platforms, signal system-on-board solutions, turnkey services, rapid prototyping and optimization for cost-effective manufacturing.


Biomedical Research and Development is the backbone of our existence. Our goal at ATLAS is to advance our and our clients’ cutting-edge ideas and bring them to markets where those ideas can create a tangible impact on human health, safety and performance.

Our research focuses on non-invasive, non-obtrusive and remote monitoring of states of consciousness, vital signs, alertness, interactive sensory feedback and covert polygraphy.

Atlas engineering r&d


Dan Atlas, Founding Director, founded Atlas Researches (ARL), now renamed Atlas Engineering, in 1977. He is the initiator, inventor, researcher, designer and director of the entire body of ARL’s intellectual property development. Dan is also the co-founder and CTO of the two spin-off partners: Integrated Vigilance Solutions Ltd. (IVS) and LifeCare Solutions Ltd. (LS). Now in his 5th decade of creative work and entrepreneurial dynamism, Dan has broad expertise and a unique achievement record as a multidisciplinary electronics engineering expert and a bioengineering specialist. His areas of expertise include the fields of sensors, analog signal conditioning and conversions, signal processing and algorithms. He is recognized as a pioneer in sensory feedback, states of consciousness, vital signs, alertness and covert polygraphy instrumentation. Since 1966, Dan has held various aerospace, military aviation, field and industrial electronics engineering positions in US EDP, design and development positions with Honeywell, Columbia University, Kearfott (Astronautics), and Litton Industries.

He has held technical management positions In Israel with the Ministry of Defense, Weizmann Institute of Science, Tadiran Microelectronics, Tel Aviv University, ARL, IVS and LS. Dan attended New York University (B.S. Electrical Engineering) and Tel Aviv University (graduate, Biomedical Engineering) and is a winner of US design contests and an author of patents and of professional literature and publications. Born in Israel, Dan is a citizen of Israel and the US.

Dan Atlas ARL’s broad-based core and subcontract project teams comprise electronic, mechanical, industrial, software, algorithm, GUI and PCB designers. Project teams perform under the ISO9001:2000 quality system under special-order contracts. ARL assembles and orchestrates product development tasks with a veteran pool of top-flight project teams including professional experts and top subcontractors with a combined total of over 400 years of multidisciplinary experience.


"You are Israel's champion of physiological monitoring design" (veteran medical consultancy)

"I appreciate your hard work and dedication in creating a compact, robust and portable solution to rapid and automatic mass catastrophe victim screening by untrained personnel" (Israel Ministry of Defense)

"I have enjoyed your creative designs of our TransTelephonic ECG. Your minimal parts count and small footprint were especially important" (telemedicine firm)

"I was greatly impressed with the ability of your team to cope creatively and efficiently with translating ideas into working prototypes" (medical therapeutics firm)

"Thank you for the highly professional and extremely competent services Atlas Researches provided us. The medical device received full FDA in 60 days. That would not have been possible without the specialized expertise your company provided" (US medical therapeutics firm)

"Thank you for the close cooperation and the professional conduct of the cardiac output monitor developed. Your assembly and integration of highly competent subcontractors has resulted in professional looking monitor with excellent human engineering. My compliments for your contribution" (medical device startup)

"I would like to thank you for taking a part in our medical diagnostics product development. Our team enjoyed your experience and knowledge in biomedical electronics and your kind and helpful approach to its needs" (technology incubator firm)

"We are highly appreciative of the rapid response, quality design and close professional support" (US Fortune 500 client)

“A token of appreciation” (US defense contact management agency)

"The following is a testament to the quality of work you have been doing since 1977. My father purchased an Atlas system in the late 1970’s and retired some years thereafter. A practicing professional in Texas, I took the system- and was able to get EMG and EEG readings. Could you imagine doing the same with an iPad 30 years from now?"


Atlas Researches Partners

Integrated Vigilance Solutions Ltd. (IVS) specializes in automotive active safety, developing early-warning vigilance technologies in cooperation with global market leaders and Eureka Network for Market Oriented R&D.

Atlas Researches Partners

LifeCare Solutions Ltd. (LS) specializes in production and commercialization of homecare technologies in alliance with global market leaders. LS assists clients in all phases of product lifecycle, from engineering prototyping through industrial design, GUI, production tooling and automated production.

Several Success Stories

From over 300 projects
  1. US Department of Homeland Security (TSWG) required a solution for remote detection of threat without requiring any sensors to be attached to the body. Atlas proposed a proprietary covert screening polygraph chair, was awarded a contract and delivered a wireless chair system that covertly gathers physiological and behavioral data in real-time. Atlas has since invented another covert screening polygraph embodiment in the form of a concealed foot plate.
  2. Prominent Western Air Force required a solution to detect loss of consciousness in fighter pilots during high-G maneuvers. Atlas won the bid and delivered a smart helmet system. It successfully operated under extreme high G forces, fighter aircraft vibration, and electromagnetic interference from avionics and radar. Furthermore, it was “plug and fly” - no skin preparation, no electrode gel. Circuitry was embedded in the earpieces of a standard fighter pilot helmet, utilizing patented Atlas shock-absorbing electrodes, measuring EEG, EOG, EMG and tri-axial acceleration. The helmet has performed successfully in F-16s and at the USAF centrifuge at forces up to 10G’s.
  3. Civil Defense Agency required “triage tool” to automatically assess vital signs of victims of mass disaster within seconds. And, by minimally trained rescue workers without removing any of victims’s clothing. Atlas developed a small hand-carried device based on wrist-to-wrist ECG and carotid pulse sensing. The device has been successfully tested under extreme noise conditions- next to rescue worker diesel electric generators, jackhammers and bulldozers. Systems were delivered to a civil defense agency recognized as one of most experienced and sophisticated in the world.
  4. Neurology Device Company needed to measure never-before detected skin surface signal. Signal had not been detected despite numerous trials because it disappears within milliseconds of skin stimulation. Atlas rapidly designed and developed a special purpose test tool that enabled client to uncover new biological signal for the first time.
  5. Two Telemedicine and Emergency Medicine Device Companies required tiny-footprint ECG solutions embedded within unusual configurations. Working solutions had to be delivered within extremely short timeframes. Atlas met these challenges by adapting modules from its design library. Atlas delivered within 5 days, fully operational 1-lead ECG design that fits into wristwatch case. Atlas delivered within 3 weeks 20 working prototypes of 3-lead ECG PCB that is embedded in disposable a glove.
  6. “Sleeping at the wheel” is responsible for approximately 30% of road accident casualties worldwide. Atlas developed and patented a breakthrough solution in the form of wristwatch-like device that tracks and analyzes EMG (wrist-muscle tension) of the driver’s steering hand. The scientific validity was established in a Canadian study. A company was co-founded to apply the innovation in many forms of hand-held devices.
  1. US Fortune 500 company developing a “smart bed” required a completely unobtrusive, non-contact monitor to activate a head tilt motor upon detecting breathing irregularities. Atlas has earlier developed and patented a unique apnea monitor that has become the basis for subsequent non-contact monitoring.
  2. Several Medical and Biometric Device Startup Companies required fast proof of concept systems free of in-house development risks and with minimal in-house resources. Atlas adapted its building-block platforms to the clients’ requirements and delivered application-specific prototypes in less than 3 months- some in less than 3 weeks. Some of the startups became Atlas licensees.
  3. A US Consumer Products Company was looking for a unique personal exercise heart rate monitor (HRM).One that was free of requiring slowing down and freeing of the need of light and reading glasses- in order to look at commonly available wristwatch display types. The company met its requirements by licensing the Atlas HEARTalker personal heart rate monitoring invention- the industry’s first talking HRM.
  4. A Leading US Automotive Company required a proof of concept system to show that an event of a child forgotten anywhere inside a vehicle can possibly be sensed by chassis-embedded sensor. Atlas successfully met the challenge with its wireless Bluetooth sensing system- remotely demonstrating the detected presence of a 3Kg infant left sleeping inside a 3 ton van.
  5. A Security-Oriented Group required a proof of concept system to show that an event of trespassing or tunnel-digging anywhere inside a given perimeter can be effectively sensed by low-cost buried sensors. Atlas successfully met the challenge with its seismic sensor/amplifier system- demonstrating the superior sensitivity to footsteps over much more expensive sensors.