AtlasSense platform technologies earned a world-class reputation for intelligent, expert-level bio-signal sensing and processing using unorthodox electronics design. Atlas delivers smart biomedical monitoring instrumentation technology solutions that integrate several benefits: Time-to market accelerators; high performance IP in small footprint, low power, robust and long life operation; uncompromised safety; analog-intensive mixed signal; advanced digital signal processing algorithms; multiple functions in one platform; real-time; wearable; talking; covert; interactive and wireless. The unique Atlas solutions have been embedded in wristwatches, clothing, seats, mattresses, carpets, vests, vehicles, and combat pilots’ flight helmets.

Atlas Engineering

Application Fields

Psychophysiology; physiology; behavior; medical diagnostics; home telecare; sleep, vital signs, cardio respiratory distress, cardiovascular, emergency; first response; triage; behavior therapy; interactive feedback; physical therapy and neuromuscular rehabilitation; posturography; Homeland Security; covert screening polygraphy; human effectiveness and performance; mental coaching and preparation; stress management; aero medical; states of consciousness; fitness and wellness; pulse monitoring; automotive safety; alertness assurance; ambulatory monitoring; alarm monitoring; assisted living; biometrics; biofeedback; biotelemetry; remote detection of threat; mental workload; polygraphy.

Physiological Monitoring

Activity; Biological impedance; Blood pressure pulse wave; Body acceleration; Body movements; ECG; EEG; EGG; EOG; EMG; GSR; Cardioballistogram; PPG, PTT (Pulse transit Time) Heart beat; Respiration movements; Respiration sounds; Skin temperature; Snoring sounds.

Atlas Researches


Alertness; Asystole; Apnea; Awareness; Bradycardia; Breathing rate & volume; Cardio-respiratory distress; Cardiovascular shock; Central & obstructive apnea; Drowsiness; Deception; Emotional response; Fall; Heart rate; Muscle tension; Motility; Relaxation; Sleep stages; States of consciousness; Stress; Tachycardia; Unscheduled sleep; Vigilance; Vitality.

Atlas engineering Algorythems

Example “Firsts”

  • Chest-worn line of talking and wireless heart rate fitness trainers
  • Interactive alertness monitoring, sustaining and alerting
  • Wireless hemodynamic emergency wristwatch
  • Mixed apnea/ cardio-respiratory distress monitoring
  • Covert chair polygraph and covert foot plate polygraph
  • Optical respiration sensor for MRI monitoring
  • Smart sensing helmet for identifying pilot's loss of consciousness
  • Automatic vital signs of life triage monitoring
  • Vehicle occupation detection with single wireless chassis sensor
  • Wound and burn healing monitoring
  • Pioneering interactive feedback therapy trainers
Atlas engineering Algorythems Example

General Purpose ATLASense Monitoring Platforms

  • AR8800 Apnea monitor (FDA-approved)
  • AR7000 Flagship mixed signal platform (Safety/EMC approved)
  • AR4000MK wireless covert polygraph
  • AR3520 Mental stress trainer (FDA-approved)
  • AR3510 Series EMG muscle trainers (FDA-approved)
  • AR2000 Covert under carpet polygraph/posturograph
  • AR800 Compact, wireless bio-monitor
  • AR400 Stackable 4-channel bio-amplifier modules
  • AR300 Series personal interactive feedback trainers
  • AR100 All-in-one GSR/Temp/EMG/Heart rate monitor (FDA-approved AR-1 sequel)
  • Heartalker- world’s first talking heart rate personal trainer
  • NOVAlert- Wrist worn alertness sustaining interactive system
  • Cardiologger- ECG Palmtop recorder
  • ZUR- Vital signs triage monitor
  • SeismoPhone -activity, pulse, respiration sensor/amplifier /module

AR7000 Flagship Mixed Signal Platform

The AR7000 is a family of general-purpose, customizable platform comprising building blocks designed for isolated data acquisition & control applications to international medical standards.

The robust, high-performance workhorse offers diversified physical, physiological and behavioral human interfaces and broad selection of front-end sensors and physiological modalities.

Fields of use include:
  • Clinical patient monitoring and home telecare
  • Covert and overt polygraphy
  • Remote and non-contact monitoring
  • Physiological & behavior monitoring
  • Sensory feedback therapy
  • Sleep and states of consciousness studies
  • Alertness and human performance
  • Physical parameter monitoring
  • Security and automotive safety
Atlas engineering AR7000A-CS1 Atlas engineering DSC01695-7000 Atlas engineering DSC04341 Atlas engineering Israel

The Atlas engineering AR7000 is available with broad configurations

Sensors & Modules Front-end Analog Signal Conditioning Analog-to-Digital Conversion Digital Signal Processing Isolated Interface User's PC & Devices
Integrated Finger Sensor
  • ASR (Super GSR)
  • PPG Pulsewave
  • Triaxial Acceleration & Position
  • Skin temperature
  • Preamps
  • Amplifiers
  • Filters
  • True RMS Conversion
8, 16 or 24 bit
  • Microprocessor
  • Program Memory
  • Secure Digital Memory
  • Multiple UARTS
  • Real-Time Clock
Including USB Data and Power Isolation
  • Bluetooth USB Dongle 10 to 300 meters
  • WiFi (including iPOD)
  • Demo GUI
  • Custom GUI
Integrated Scalp module
  • EEG
  • EOG
  • EMG
Integrated Wrist Module
  • Dry EMG contacts
  • EMG preamp
Digital I/O
Integrated Facial Module
  • Dry EMG/EOG Contacts
  • EMG/EOG Amplifier
  • PPG Sensor/Amplifier
Dry Bio-Electrodes (Flexible, Rigid) WiFi
Respiration (Piezo, Inductive, Impedance) Local Interconnect Network (LIN)
3-12 Lead ECG module Digital-to-Analog
Physical Sensors
  • Weight
  • Force
  • Acceleration
  • Sounds
  • Vibrations
Limb/Body-worn; Covert, Embedded; Standalone